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APCU July, 2016 meeting

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APCU July 2016






Eric Haseltine: What will be the next big Scientific Breakthrough?


Eric Betzig


Make microscopes see finer and finer detail


"Diffraction limit"


Diff proteins light up with diff colors, then process by computer


Wound up getting movies of molecules.


Aubrey de Grey


Beat Aging



APCUG Virtual education


Club Biz


Need to decide on a place for Xmas dinner


Sids Toys


NOTE: Sid buys most of his stuff when on incredible deals, i.e. very short sales time events, such as on Amazon, etc


"Dueling Banjo" Hamsters - yes, animated figurines, and they alternate which is playing during the song. Pretty cute. His wife bought a bunch of different animated animals like this - another is the "Elvis" model...


Sterling engine (had trouble lighting it - may be water in the alcohol due to using rubbing alcohol)


Sabrent USB 3.0 to SATA Dual Bay External Hard Drive Docking Station for 2.5 or 3.5in HDD, SSD with Hard Drive Duplicator/Cloner Function [4TB Support] (EC-HDD2)


Yes, you can push-button clone a hard drive offline. Clearly labeled "Source" and "Target" (or some such wording) slots


Ward asks: I have a 1-slot one, takes either 2.5 or 3.5" hard drives, but has USB-II or eSata. I wonder if eSata is obsolete with USB 3?


A nice wide-blade Kershaw knife from the Cabela store.


"Kershaw Three-Quarter Ton Folding Knife - Satin Plain"



Random Access


Lee - new 130Lumens/watt


Alan converted from AT&T to Cricket


Ben: Firefox goes to a "no images"


Sid got it to work by clearing the cache.


Lee - Office 2003, the last one before the ribbon, won't run on w10


He uses Libre Office


Ben: FF uses more and more memory


Lee James S.A. Corey - The Expanse - SyFy series = 200 years in the future - ppl living on the moons of Jupiter and on the asteroid belt.


Ben: Quickbooks 2000 on a W95 machine - Found the CD. - but turned out to be only an upgrade CD; needs full quicken CD to start w/


Sid uses "CyberGhost" VPN


Beta Testing V 6.


Does up to a Torrent


Gets 7MB (Bytes)/sec

These notes were taken at the meeting by Ward Christensen using Freemind "mind mapping" software.

The file generated by Freemind was converted to a multi-level, "toggled" list by Chuck Goldstein using a program written in Perl (see Converting Freemind exports to PMWiki pages).

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Page last modified on September 03, 2016, at 12:27 AM