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APCU June, 2015 Meeting - Schaumburg library



Random Access

  • SID discussing voice recognition devices -
    • Windows 10 - Cortana
    • Phone - Google Now
    • Phone - Siri
    • Skype is in beta testing
  • Humor, etc
  • Books, free books, etc
  • Mac questions / answers
    • Mini:
      • Dave (Holle) Fusion drive in a mini - SSD and spinning drive, low-level OS drivers to speed up access
      • Has adequate ports for most.
    • iMac
      • all-in-one
    • Q: Mac Mini - KB, Mouse?
      • Any will work.
  • Q on "casting" on newer TVs
    • Newer TVs have direct wifi to another device - i.e. android phone or tablet broadcasting to the TV
  • Sid upgraded Comcast to X1
    • Less Features, but can DL the recordings to a tablet etc.
    • Only available in one place at a time - you hit a button on your tablet to "return" it to you TV.

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