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APCU Mar, 2015 Meeting - Random Access; Schaumburg library

  • GRC has a DNS performance tool:
  • Ward found his wifi breaking, turned out AVG thought someone was hijacking the DNS
    • At home Ward uses a fixed DNS on his network, so AVG thinks that's the one wanted. Change to Dynamic
    • Related: Ben found AT&T Uverse can't display my own web site, i.e. a web cam. Panasonic provides the dynamic DNS. He can look at his cameras from other people's houses, but NOT if they are on AT&T Uverse!
  • ICANN now allows hundreds of domain endings - such as .sucks - so celebrities are buying up (theirname).sucks
  • Roger: AT&T TV "free trial" wasn't...
  • Discussion of the scam phone calls "This is Windows support, we have a report that ..."
  • Sid says he snapshots his drive. Ward asks what he used, answer is NIRSoft
  • Cleanup software:
  • Roger: he and his wife bought each other half a 3D printer.
    • Got the XYZprinting DaVinci. NewEgg, $400, no shipping, no tax; $500 on Amazon
    • It, annoyingly, has a chipped filament cartridge, but Roger is going to get a $25 resetter for it.
    • Has not yet gotten into a CAD program, but for example TinkerCAD is a free one
    • File Format is .stl, an industry standard.
    • Pixar just released RenderMAN for (non-commercial) $495, vs say $15,000 for commercial.
    • Video from Ted on fast 3D printing.
    • Ben: Someone intentionally tried to wear out an SSD.

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