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APCU August, 2014 Meeting - Schaumburg library

Meeting notes by yours truly, Ward Christensen; for your convenience, all links (should) open in a new window

Breakfast @ Maxfields 700 Schaumburg road


Random Access (Led by -- YAY, he came to visit -- Mike Warot)

  • Sid new toys
    • haha Cust Serv said his broken-during-shipment part would be replaced "via email"
    • Got a RaspberryPi @ Uniforum - the new 2G one.
  • Greg Rosenberg blessed us with his attendance
    • Installed 4 x RPi on the back of a 1U (rack) "cover", uses 2 as DNSs, 2 as time servers (NTP) and planning to go to PTP (?sp?) Precision Time Protocol, in which ethernet has hw in it to time things to be more precise.
    • (haha) After the meeting, Greg mentioned that the ORIGINAL cases for the RaspberryPi's were made of Legos!
    • Won't send exe; tried zipping -- still no good
  • Arduino Nano - Incredible how tiny you can have a computer with some reasonable function
  • Hacker Spaces:
    • Mike W is a member of Pumping Station 1 (PS1) a hacker space, 3519 N. Elston, Chicago.
      • Ward's (possibly right) description of a hackerspace: A place you can go that has tools (from table saws to laser cutters) that most people can't afford or don't have space for. Great camaraderie.
      • Mike's partial list of activities: blacksmithing, programming, electron microscope, classes, events, etc. (Google) MIG, (Google) TIG welding.
    • Membership is $40-$70 (higher price gives you more like storage space, etc.
    • Newest machine is an NC router that can handle a 4x8 sheet of plywood.
    • Link with all 5 hackerspaces:
    • Another chicago-area hackerspace (Ward has been to)
  • Surface mount -
    • @ PS1, they were working on a "pick and place" robot for surface mount -based upon the XYZ addresssability of a 3D printer -- and they test it placing a grain of rice on peanutbutter (to which Darryl Van Nort says "A grain of rice is way too large to represent most surface mount components). Darryl works with some .5mm x 1mm surface mount LEDs, and solders them with the aid of a stereo microscope.
    • Prices for hot air stations (for working with surface mount) $118 Hot air station on
  • Free chips from TI, but a chip is very hard to interface to -- development kits go from $40 up.
    • Element 14 (partnered with TI) has a lot of great tutorials.
  • Ben had a remote - it was rechargeable and apparently used a capacitor -- WAY before SuperCapacitors.

For the video run @ end of meeting see the last entry under videos at the top of this page.

Ward here, (and all above...) documenting something I find interesting.

When I went to google to find the George Takai TED talk, the "link" Google search returned this (split into 52 char lines)

I wrote a KEDIT macro to split it into parts at (1) http:[more]

Then (2) I split at & starting with the SECOND http line:
        &ei=CRoCVJ21EI6-ggTbioCoDQ&usg=AFQjCNGqWiUO9N7FS5rGyfDFgYp (... goes on and on ...)

Then I finally take the 2nd http, and change %xx to its real value:

and THAT is the "true" URL, with its google tracking etc stuff removed.

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Page last modified on August 31, 2014, at 07:58 PM