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APCU April, 2013 Meeting - Schaumburg library

'TED' is coming to Chicago May 2nd, 2013, 1:00pm - May 3rd, 2013, 6:00pm Tickets sold out!!!

Web site with info on TEDxChicago Live Webstream

  • Details 5/2 by Ward C:
    • By invitation only -- CEOs, educators, and select students. etc.
    • NEXT TIME if we learn of it sufficiently early (or for ex. subscribe to TedxMidwest on facebook) we can "apply".
    • I tried listening to the live webcasts, but trying to get something going hooked to my TV was a problem (Android tablet with HDMI out did not support Flash! Flash is going away!). Then my Windows 8 laptop worked but the sound cable wouldn't work. THEN I realized...
    • Just catch the replays when you want to, and only those that sound interesting (not all of the 35 will be)

TED Videos

Random Access

  • Fast internet "anywhere"
  • Neil
    • Tablet
      • Power Hungry
      • Advice on taking it apart - came across a forum: "Will not charge, hold down the power and both volume Up and own"
  • Ward
    • On going into Firefox and clearing browser cache
      • Measurements
        • Before clearing cache - 47879004160
        • After clearing cache - -47664320512
        • Results - *total = 214,683,648
    • Want to highlight certain "words"
      • Ward subsequently found a Firefox plugin -
  • Block certain web sites by your choice
    • Personal Block List (Google)
      • Chrome only?

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