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February 2013 APCU Meeting

All Random Access Meeting


  • Beyond Boundaries (Miguel Nicolelis)
  • about asphalt (Eric Schogen?)
  • Google Ad
  • dftba MinutePhysics
  • How a fly flies (Michael Dickinson)

Random Access:

  • Ward Q: ShellExec (from MS System Internals?)
    Runs default program for a file. Doesn't work on one of his machines.
  • Also mentioned Uniform Server.
  • Advanced SystemCare and system protection.
    • Sid:
      • Prefers Revo Uninstaller.
      • These programs mess with the registry. More harm than good.
      • Piriform CCleaner is good for cleaning cookies, autocomplete, history, etc.
      • Latest versions of browsers allow simultaneous private and unprivate tabs.
      • Likes PortableApps to avoid updating your system registry.
        • There is PortableApps Chrome!
      • LiberKey is another good portable app manager.
      • Likes Sandboxie:
        Forums good, and gives good control.
      • Android security: Every app runs with its own user id.
      • VMware ThinApp (formerly Thinstall):
        Pretty much does what Revo does. Takes snapshots before and after install to make pretty much any app portable.
      • Return?? restores to same state each boot.
      • VMware:
        • Even virtual machines are not completely hacker proof.
        • Definition of Hypervisor: runs on bare metal, no host OS required.
        • VMware ESX doesn't exist any more. Now vSphere.
        • Most free stuff is gone.
    • John ?:
  • System BIOSs are being replaced by Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI).
  • More from Sid:
    • Intel is getting out of the desktop motherboard business.
    • Not many people have problems with Windows 7.
    • Java security problems: So many woes.
      Adobe Acrobat and Reader also have security problems.
    • jar-of-beans: Android environment on a PC.
    • Likes irfanview picture viewer.
  • Ben has problems with Windows 7:
    • Asus update check tries to run every ten minutes, asks for permission.
      Possible solutions:
      • "Run as Administrator" not the same as being an administrator.
      • Ward: Turn off UAE.
    • Favorite video player is VLC
      Crashes, then works on same file.
      • Ward: Has buffer problem running from remote file system.
        • Plays T.P. streams, but has to read entire file before starting play.
        • Ward: May think it has to download file even tho it's local.
  • Mike W:
    • Demonstrated the GNU Radio Companion:
      Software defined radio (only runs under Linux) takes as much of heterodyne / detect / amplify process and puts it in software.
      • GNU Radio USRP is hardware.
    • Mike showed some of his old "synthetic focus" Youtube vids(?).
      • He uses Hugin for virtual focus photography, which he showed.
      • Warning! No photographing from a vehicle or using a tripod in Washington, D.C.
    • Ubuntu:
      • Ubuntu Wubi is Ubuntu that lives in the Windows file system. It's bootable but does not require its own disk partition.
      • Ubuntu now always sends local searches to its home site (Canonical).
    • Audio / Video:
      • SDR# is Windows radio.
      • is a site you can use to capture Youtube video. It uses a Java applet in your browser.
      • aTube Catcher supports many output formats.
      • Firefox Download Helper (not sure which Extension / AddOn Sid means) appears on the Youtube page.
  • Fedora vs Red Hat: Fedora is the free version of Red Hat.
  • Google Web Speech API Demonstration.
  • Best disk defraggers?

Club Business:

  • Library is confirmed for March and April.

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