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June, 2012 extremely brief meeting notes - anyone have more details?

Sat 120630

  • Low cost computers
    • Ward adds, on 08/25/12:
      • There are even "wall wart" web browsers - with minimal I/O for special purposes (a search shows "not quite delivered?)
      • PogoPlug is a very small fanless device designed to put "your data on the web" via USB (obviously thus a web browser, security, etc) but people hack a small "Arch Linux" to run on it!
      • To build your own true PC, the Intel Atom has for ex. a $79 motherboard WITH DUAL CORE 1.6GHz CPU at Frys; It still won't be extremely cheap as you'd have to add case, power supply, drive, (and unless only remotely accessed) keyboard, mouse, monitor
  • Cell ph - all but Verizon are going to join to help brick stolen phones - Mostly the GSM guys
    • NiteIze makes good cases

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