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APCU January 2012 Meeting Notes


Random Access

  • Sid -
    • Speccy
      • Specs on your computer - details of your machine
    • Defraggler
      • My fav defragmenter
      • Can even right click a file and defrag it
      • Analyze does a nice job, can see what needs it.
      • You can defrag DIRECTORY entries
        • Options / advanced / show folder index entries in file list
    • ccleaner
    • Recuva
    • Watch to see if it is trying to sell you the corporate edition.
    • everything free for personal use
  • Charlie - * Freemind (the mind-mapping program Ward takes notes in and often shows on projector) (From SourceForge)
    • Wants to learn the fundamentals
    • Ward suggested basics:
      • Tab = child
      • Enter = Sibling
      • Shift-Enter = sibling above
      • Drag and drop nodes
    • more advanced:
      • Use the built-in help map, -or- find the patterns.xml and in your -
        • ON XP, for ex - c:\documents and settings\Administrator\.freemind
        • contains the color-to-key (F8 = some color, etc) and the actions (keystroke_zoom_in=alt I) etc.
  • Cable TV TV discussion
    • Comcast
      • Now or soon Won't be able to get anything without a "box"
    • Ward - switched to WOW (Wide Open West)
      • Has a Cable ready TV, wondering about cable ready recorder
        • Most should have the tuner, except watch for (missed what!) Perhaps the Comcast needing a "box"
    • Bob Sklar
      • "MOXI"
        • Multi-card = 3 channels at once (record / watch)
        • $1000 for a 3-room bundle (Has a friend got at employee price - "No brainer")
        • Uses IP to talk to its remotes
      • For over-the-air
        • Buy a tuner interface for your PC
        • Also would work with "cable" - or over the air.
    • Pete
      • ATV signal
        • Quite simple,
        • Multi-path used to make snow, now it loses signal
    • Ben
      • Silicon Dust
        • Has a tuner, single, and a new triple tuner
        • Output is IP
          • Receiving PC needs only software
      • Has 2, NVIDIA dual cards
        • trying to figure how to hook up to 3 tuners - probably need shielding
      • Can record digital stream, get the one he wants, but have problems imaging it to the screen without more computing horsepower
    • Sid has a Panasonic - those old $40 "get digital TV on my analog set" boxes.
      • Uses IR blaster - could serve as basis for "old" tuner card set on channel 3, etc.
  • Android
    • Ward
      • Likes his new Samsung Stratosphere (Phone)
      • Likes his new Asus Slider 101 (Slider, because the KB slides under the Android - an "all-in-one", not a separate keyboard.
    • Sid
      • Top 10 Android apps
        • Where is my Droid
          • Free,
            • uses GPS -
            • text and replies by ringing!!! (or whitenoise)
        • Keyring
          • For keeping Barcodes
            • Most scanners don't work, only the latest do
          • NO encryption, not for passwords
        • Skype
          • Ward uses only for IM
          • Phone calls to Skype users not using minutes
        • IMDB
        • Flixster
        • Andy
          • Free "Siri" type for android
        • Redlaser
          • Scanning your barcodes - scans QR, etc.
            • (Quick Response)
          • Pricing of stuff - look up
          • Another similar: Amazon's own app - does it, "Price Check"
        • SportsCenter
          • MUCH bigger than SchwartzCenter
        • Pandora (internet music)
          • (competing:)
            • Spotify
            • Slacker
        • Wikimobile
          • clean lookup of wikipedia and lets you save articles
        • Facebook
          • (Audio comment from Ben)
        • Storage in the cloud
          • Box (Was "Dropbox")
          • SugarSync
        • Not top 10, but "unlock with wifi" - define Wifi that are "home" in which the phone unlocks when it sees it.
        • Urls
  • Pete
    • Thunderbolt
      • Intel's new protocol beyond USB and Firewire.
      • Equivalent to 2xPCI-e x 4 ports
      • ElGato Thunderbolt external drive is a "first implementation - at
    • Someone in NY found a bundle of stereopticon photos
      • They put the 2 sides and flip via flicker, but most people can see the stereo image
      • Ward: Related- is the 3D WWII arial photography reconnaisance - on Nova / PBS - Great show!
      • Similar: Doctors are implanting stem cells in eyes with mostly gone retinal cells, they produce a chemical that may allow the retinas to work
      • Dav (Holle, at meeting) is a whiz at animated GIFs
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