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September APCU Meeting

Thanks to a "memory jogger" list from Lee R which Ward expanded by looking each up -

Sid's Corner - Discussion of forensics, accessing obscure things, etc.

Sid's Corner - Powerlink long range range extender

Random Access

  • Your humble note taker (Ward Christensen) arrived late;

Firewalls etc - Alan

  • Every machine should have a Firewall
  • Komodo is free and good;
    • Neal - people dropped it -- too many popups
      • A: It can be configured; if "reason" is unknown, try blocking it once (don't check "remember")
  • Microsoft Security Essentials is good
  • * Ward - What IBM does
  • ENCRYPT hard drive if confidential information
    • Ward suggests free "Tru Crypt" for encrypting confidential - you "mount the data" as a drive letter w/Password
  • Have a good password on the OS (so obvious, they don't mention it; also ENFORCED to can't "not" have it)
    • I believe: Min 8 chars; mixed case; some numerics
  • Password protect the hard drive - Perhaps unique to Thinkpad?
  • Screen Saver
    • sufficiently short (IBM => 1/2 Hr)
    • Password protect to resume
  • Antivirus
  • Personal Firewall
    • We use Symantec
  • Windows Network Shares
    • NONE, -or- passworded
  • Peer-to-peer Applications
    • NONE, they are inappropriate in a work environment, so not sure this is "security" or "policy"
  • Mail Database Encryption
  • Windows User Accounts
    • No "Guest", or generally none without "good" passwords. Ex of a "good" password: B8dZ66oRjM
  • Windows Service Pack
    • Keep up to date
  • Security Patch Status
    • Keep Up To date

Club Biz

  • Need board members
  • Annual lunch will be at Parthenon unless otherwise discussed
  • Ain't broke

Continued Random Access

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