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02/27/10 APCU Meeting

Topic: Random Access

We have a location and topic for April. See Club Business below.

Notes by Ward Christensen

  • Jean Barber:
    • Firefox questions
      • how to increase font size; A: ctrl and plus
      • Other A: hold ctrl while moving scroll wheel on mouse
    • Writing Checks - wants to do it electronically
      • Bill Pay is OK; she uses Auto Pay; all at One bank
      • Bank requires IE (so we're switching off Firefox topic)
        • doing banking on a laptop
          • on all the time
      • Trouble is, it leaves things on the screen
        • A: Probably a PDF file of a statement
        • SO, close it, and clear cache: Tools/Internet Options/General tab/Delete Files
  • Neal got a Netbook for his wife Thanks for correction here, Mike
    • Asked how bad are wifi hotspots (security)
      • Sid
        • Could VPN
        • Make sure sensitive data on SSL
        • There are services to keep your data encrypted
        • He runs a tunnel to his his house with free proxy
    • Walter
      • password I can't remember what that was about -- Login password
      • Windows 7 couldn't get photoshop elements to work
        • A: Have to switch to latest photoshop elements 8
  • Sid's great links, comments etc:
    • RoboForm
      • Keeps passwords
        • Auto inserts them
    • Encryption
      • AES is newest DES has been cracked.
        • And faster
    • Freebie as experiment
      • Go to a password field - you get the dots or asterisks
      • It puts up colors and bars This isn't clear.
        • Can't remember name Ward researched Chroma-Hash
    • CCleaner
      • Easily clean browser files
    • Ultra Mon Link is to wikipedia article
      • put Task Bar on each window of what's on that window etc.
    • Turbo Tax
      • Giving away business edition
        • FREE
          • but won't import from previous year
          • Until March first
          • Doesn't do Quicken because THAT is home, this is business
  • Phones, skype, etc.
    • Ward suggested skype, the little USB attachments, etc.
    • Sid countered with Magic Jack Ward comment - starts a video upon browsing to the page
      • One Concern - terms of use - pretty lengthy, any other comments?
        • but don't see it when you sign up - buried on a Web page
      • Ward mentioned having cheap ($70) Neoware CA10 thin clients that make a nice small Linux; wondering if Magic Jack would work
      • Sid doesn't know if available for Linux
    • Sid also likes Google Voice Ward comment: I recall it was by invitation only. Comments on Google Voice being by invitation only?
  • Club Business
    • April
      • Topic: Ward on Wikis.
      • Place: Bucktown/Wicker Park Chicago Public Library branch.
      • Sid will be out on a cruise
  • Additional Backup- at home Ward says: Sorry, who was this? Neal.
  • Mike Warot and discussion of WIKIs and blogs

  • Ward's thoughts didn't have a chance to bring up - heart vs muscle
    • I MEANT to bring this up but didn't.
    • Re: sedentary life in front of TV or Computer.
    • Specifically, cardio strength important - Muscles not so.
    • Thus a cardio workout good, muscle building not as important
    • Guess what? The heart IS a muscle!

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Page last modified on March 22, 2010, at 04:09 PM