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01/30/10 APCU Meeting

09/06/14 I changed all links to "open in new window"

Topic: Random Access

We have no location or topic for April!!!

Notes by Ward Christensen

I take my notes in Freemind and wrote a freemind-to-wiki conversion program in kedit (of course)(*)

  • Toshiba Netbook - liked
    • Also got higher marks on reviews
  • Sid Links
    • shell extension city
    • dailyrotation (Quick Loading Tech Headlines - You Pick The Sites. They Snag The Headlines
    • Input Director like Synergy - One machine controls the keyboard of other (visible to you!!) screens and keyboards
      • Ward loves Synergy And as of 02/28/10 has FOUR screens left-to-right, left most being XUBUNTU running on a Neoware CA10 800MHz fanless machine with 80G drive; then external monitor to main machine, then main monitor then right to a thinkpad. The cursor moves seamless across all 4 screens, with KB/Mouse switching to either outer screen's machine when on their screens.
      • This Input Director Review discusses it, comments on Synergy being buggy, I.D. being easier to configure etc.
        • I do have to restart Synergy every now and then to get it back in sync. So it isn't perfect. But I am doing it across Windows and Linux, so I.D. is not suitable.
    • Anonomyzed google
    • IRON - srware - chrome browser stripped

(*) my conversion program first scans for "indent amounts" in the outline - like if it finds 4, 8, 12, 16, it says "aha, four is common so I'll change to *, **, ***, and *** respectively. It then looks for "blahblah <someurl>" and changes to wiki format.

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Page last modified on September 06, 2014, at 08:10 PM